Clinical psychology helps you to relieve psychologically-based distress to promote subjective well-being and personal development. It is an integration of science, theory and clinical practice.


As a psychologist I take a holistic approach in which I take your mind, body, emotions and spiritual life into account to help you become more whole again. I look at all areas of your life.


I help you to process your feelings and experiences and I guide you from the dark back into the light.

Do   you  feel like…

  • You lost your inner compass in life?

  • You need help in your journey of motherhood?

  • You want to improve your mental health?

  • You want to heal from painful experiences?

  • You can’t get back into your habits for great wellbeing?

Would  you  like to…

  • Be guided back towards your inner light and joy in an authentic, caring, compassionate and clear way?

  • Process your trauma to experience more inner freedom?

  • Live according to your values?

  • Become more mindful and self-compassionate?

  • Experience life more deeply?

  • Experience life more fully?

I offer a free 15-min discovery call to answer any questions about the coaching process and how I can help you best.

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What others say...

Thank you so much for the wonderful coaching session, Carine! 

Although I’ve been working towards realizing my dreams, it has been a journey filled with resistance, fear, and not feeling the excitement for a very long time. After the session with you, I felt the clear release of what was holding me back and I am thrilled once again! I am also following through with the commitment I set during the session to reach my vision.

I truly feel that all will work through this time and I am loving this feeling.



Working with Carine has helped me acces old blocked pain and begin the process of healing.

Before her I didn’t realise I was the one who had to consciously let go of my pain. Carine helped me to see that it was me holding myself back and I’m now ready to move on. I am actually really excited for a future that doesn’t carry the burden of the past!


Thank you, Carine.


Carine has helped me to cope better with certain challenges. Her valuable questions opened my eyes to approach them differently.

She senses very well what is needed in a conversation, dares to use creative exercises and she brings in humor, which I love. It helps me to place things in perspective and be light-hearted from time to time.

Happy I ‘discovered’ her as someone to always reach out to in case I’m stuck with certain challenges again.