Laser Coaching is a method of coaching that brings you rapid results and releases blockages super fast. It helps you to align with what you truly want and it gets you into action immediately to get the results you want.

Are    you  feeling...

  • Quite satisfied with your life, but you feel something is missing?

  • You should be happy, but you just don’t feel it?

  • Blocked in taking the next steps in your life and you don’t know how to move forward?

  • You are here for more, but you just don’t dare to step into it?

Are you ready for more results, more fulfillment and a more aligned life in which you are thriving?


If you answered yes to any of the above questions or you have other questions you would like to have a look at, feel very free to contact me for coaching.


I am certified as a Laser Coach. I love coaching because it moves you forward super fast and it removes blockages at rapid speed so you can move forward and create the results you wish for yourself. We can create rapid results by getting you into action and removing what is blocking you from getting the results you desire.


If you are ready for your next steps in your life and you want to get the results you wish to achieve in any area of your life, then please feel very welcome to contact me.

I offer a free 15-min discovery call to answer any questions about the coaching process and how I can help you best.

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What others say...

Thank you so much for the wonderful coaching session, Carine! 

Although I’ve been working towards realizing my dreams, it has been a journey filled with resistance, fear, and not feeling the excitement for a very long time. After the session with you, I felt the clear release of what was holding me back and I am thrilled once again! I am also following through with the commitment I set during the session to reach my vision.

I truly feel that all will work through this time and I am loving this feeling.


Thank you very much for your beautiful coaching session.

I felt really at ease with you. You truly listened and asked clear questions that gave me some really profound insights on what is blocking me. I feel a clearer connection with my (wanted) future and I know what steps I can take right now.


Thank you!


Carine has helped me to cope better with certain challenges. Her valuable questions opened my eyes to approach them differently.

She senses very well what is needed in a conversation, dares to use creative exercises and she brings in humor, which I love. It helps me to place things in perspective and be light-hearted from time to time.

Happy I ‘discovered’ her as someone to always reach out to in case I’m stuck with certain challenges again.