Are you not enjoying motherhood as much
as you think you could?


Do you feel overwhelmed, stressed, exhausted and exhausted?


Are you keeping up appearances because you feel ashamed about how you feel while everyone else seems to have a good time with their kids and seems to be coping very well?


Do you hardly recognize yourself anymore as the active and career minded woman you once were before becoming a mother?

Do you feel like there is still trauma to be resolved around your pregnancy,
birth or post partum journey?


Would you like to achieve more in your life than what you are currently capable of?

ABOUT Carine...

  • Licensed Mental Health Care Psychologist in the field of clinical psychology

  • MSc. in Clinical Psychology

  • EMDR therapist

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

  • Certified Laser Coach

  • Licensed Mindfulness trainer

  • Yoga therapist

I know what it  feels like!

After my son was born I continued with almost everything I did before he was born and I added being a mother to the mix. That seemed to work fine on the outside, but on the inside something wasn’t feeling right. I was exhausted all the time, surviving on coffee and I thought I should continue because all the other mothers around me seemed to be doing fine.

Then I welcomed my daughter into my life two years later and after her birth it turned out that I was completely depleted and while all the other mothers seemed to keep going I just couldn’t do it anymore. I had a long road to recover fully.

I felt overwhelmed, anxious, exhausted and super ashamed that I couldn’t keep up with everyone else and at the same time I knew I had to surrender to the journey and I had to ask for help to find my powerful self again.


Luckily I found the right people to help me on my journey and after all the lessons I learned in all areas of my life I am now living a balanced, joyful and exciting life as a woman, mother and partner. I feel stronger and  more excited about my life than ever before and I am very grateful for the journey it took me to get here and I am excited about all the adventures that are still to come.

So I know this is possible for you too, even though it might not feel like that at this moment in your life!

Just imagine you could…

  • Have the resilience to deal with the ups and downs of motherhood and to bounce back easily

  • Feel relaxed and joyful in your body and mind

  • Enjoy the day to day moments with your child/ children

  • Wake up in the morning and be excited about the day ahead

  • Ask for support and receive support

  • Say no to things you don’t want in your life

  • Talk about your birth experience in a calm way

  • Feel content with where you are at right now

  • Find inner peace

  • Find a balance in your life between your needs, your children’s needs, your family’s needs and the needs of your work

  • Take good care of yourself without feeling guilty

It is all possible for you if you are willing to go inside and to do the inner work even when it feels scary and you don’t know where to start!


My mission is to guide you to a place where you love your life just the way it is and to help you heal, rebalance and take actions towards where you want to be, to learn how to take good care of yourself and by doing so being the example you want to be for your children.


From my professional experience as a licensed psychologist, coach, mindfulness trainer and yoga therapist working in mental health care for over 12 years combined with my personal experiences and development I have decided to help women like you in this phase of life because this is one of the transitions in life where you need support as a woman! My approach is kind, caring, compassionate and clear. I will empower you and cheer you on along the journey we will take together.

My approach is kind, caring, compassionate and clear. I will empower you and cheer you on along the journey we will take together. I work in a holistic way. I take your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing into account when we work together.


To stay balanced myself I love to be outdoors, play in the sand with my kids, go kitesurfing, travel to beautiful places and to go inward by doing yoga and meditation.


I love to be very present in the here and now and to enjoy all the beautiful moments that life has to offer! I love connecting with people and I am very curious by nature.

I am looking forward to connecting with you!